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Visual Public Relations
Visual public relations projects combine community artwork with turnkey project management, expert installation, and lucrative merchandising to establish brand recognition for the most important message out there—yours.
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Attractive creative capital.
The Annex Stairwell project is a significant contribution to the Erie Art Museum’s $10 million expansion. This four-story installation hosts approximately 7,000 visitors annually. With a life-span of 20 years, that’s a lot of return on investment! Just do the math. Art is the most engaging form of media and has the power to entice a new generation donors to contribute to your organization.
360° view
Embolden alumni.
The exterior mural installation at Mercyhurst Preparatory School illustrates the 24 pillars of its mission and educational philosophy. Even smarter, this project was created in conjunction with the school’s art students inspired by testimonials from alumni. When you highlight the creativity of your institution, attracting and retaining engagement gets a whole lot easier!
Student Engagement
Real life experience.
In the spirit of Penn State’s new Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Center (AMIC)—built to forge a partnership between students and professionals—we mentored their aspiring engineering students on two highly relevant aspects of engineering: materials and processes. This mentorship was a creative collaboration resulting in two architectural sculptures and six murals that adorn their new building.
Selling cookies isn’t fundraising.
Merchandising your visual public relations project with products designed exclusively for your organization creates brand advocates and residual revenue streams long after the cookie’s crumbled. Whether be it for your museum gift shop or for school fundraisers, you too can build a bank balance while building your brand.
Community Branding
We are together.
When Oliver Hazard Perry defeated the British in the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813, he probably didn’t suspect that he’d make such a splash 200 years later. But he did with the Perry 200. We harness the power of art, culture, and creativity to beautify your environment, create a destination, and establish a recognizable and memorable identity for your community.
Earned Media
Make your message matter.
Free media (or earned media) is the most credible form of publicity. That’s why we convert marketing budgets into free media with the creation community art. The Erie Philharmonic stepped away from the impermanent and expensive nature of billboard marketing and stepped up with this building-sized mural that celebrated its centennial anniversary (which returned its investment for not one, but two years).
We consult and create with you.
CEO & Creative Director, Todd Scalise, created Higherglyphics in 2012 with one simple truth: art enhances the well-being of the community. This unique business is the product of Scalise’s education in fine art, his experience in advertising and the knowledge gained through teaching, which has enhanced his ability to articulate messages both verbally and aesthetically.


Higherglyphics’ collaborative approach is supported by a team of creative professionals committed to a sense of community by connecting people through heightened visual experiences through award winning artwork and communal affirmation that illustrates that we are together.
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